Meet The Cast

Carol Arena
Lead Vocalist : Star quality with personality plus that cuts through for versatile power performances across rock, blues, pop and ballads.

Webpage Carol in action

Trevor Martin
Tenor sax / vocals: Adds muscle to our sound and creative input to all sax arrangements and solos. Trevor has around 40 years experience and has done it “The Hard Way”.


Bernie O’Brien

Keyboards/Sax/Vocals. A multi instrumentalist who unleashes his versatility across the whole spectrum. Ask him about his love for the “Tower of Power” and impersonations of strange political and cartoon characters of the past! 

Bernie Keyboards

Murray O’Shea

Murray was born in Brisbane into a musical family, with his father Terry being an accomplished singer/guitarist. Murray started playing at the age of twelve and it quickly became his lifelong obsession. He started playing bands soon after and has continually performed in various duos, bands, and on his own to this day. His influences are greatly varied across all ends of the musical scale. He has written and performed original music, and played in many venues in Queensland from Jupiter’s Casino to your local pub. He is now passing on his love of guitar by teaching it to all ages.


Noel Langton
Bass / vocals : A key member of the rhythm section and a singer with experience dating from his high school band and other original “Battle Of The Bands” era groups right through to now.

Noel 1

Mike Calkin
Drummer : Mike grew up listening to the pipes and drums along with the smooth stylings of Barry White, Burt Bacharach and the classic album ‘Time Out’ by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. This led to his inescapable passion for drums, percussion and music in general. Mike compliments the band’s variety by being comfortable playing a multitude of styles on a full kit or a stripped back hand/foot percussion setup.

Mike Drums 1