From Carmel

” I decided to give the band a quick ten minute audition at a nearby public performance……a “planned” 10 minutes grew and grew until some 4 hours had passed and I could easily have enjoyed more.

My husband and I were immediately drawn to their charisma on stage, obvious experience, incredible vocals and clever use of different combinations that make them unique in my (our)world.

Much loved songs were given the ‘Treatment” in a way that is rarely seen and they obviously have a following with an over 30’s female audience. I can’t believe that they actually covered AC/DC through to Glen Miller !!

I have since attended two more private functions (Wedding + Corporate Business Launch) and the experience was subtle through to exuberant.

I have tried different methods of obtaining bands in the past without success, and am pleased to learn that they also offer the choice of solo, duo , choice of two trios + five and six piece combinations. For me, you can’t beat the full six piece but I have every belief that other offerings would be fantastic.

I recently held a  ‘Black Tie” Gala Charity Dinner Dance, and engaged the band in Full – their input and experience has been nothing but constructive and their responses have been prompt and courteous.

I can’t believe these guys are local and that a chance encounter has led to an assured  and ongoing commercial relationship for all my future events.

I have no hesitation in recommending them….but I’m first ! ”

Carmel Riethmuller

Chameleon House
0434 217 250

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